Alternative Gallery Dedicated to Art & Music

Studio XYZ is a dynamic and forward-thinking alternative creative hub and gallery nestled in the vibrant heart of the artistic Gastown neighborhood in Vancouver. As an emergingand boundary-pushing collective, we provide a platform for emerging artists from diversedisciplines to showcase their talents and connect with the local community. Our missionis to foster a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages artistic exploration,collaboration, and experimentation. At Studio XYZ, we believe in the power of art tochallenge conventions, spark conversations, and ignite positive change. Join us as weredefine the artistic landscape, celebrate creativity in all its forms, and create an inspiringspace where artists and art enthusiasts can thrive.

What we are best at
Core Values
Creativity: Celebrate and encourage creative expression in all forms.

Collaboration: Foster innovation through collaborative efforts.

Inclusivity: Create a welcoming space for diverse artists.Community

Engagement: Engage with the local community through events and activities.

At Studio XYZ, our mission is to foster a dynamic and inclusive creative collective that empowers emerging and established artists to explore, collaborate, and showcase their talents. We strive to create an environment that encourages artistic growth, nurtures innovation, and builds connections within the local community.
Our vision is to be a renowned hub for emerging talents. We aim to be a catalyst for creativity, inspiring artists to push boundaries, challenge conventions, and create impactful works that resonate with audiences. Through our innovative projects and community engagement, we aspire tocontribute to the cultural fabric of our city and beyond.